What an absolutely perfect afternoon!

Ash and I met while we were both working at Crossings Community Church. He is my birthday buddy! We share the same birthday just a few years apart. It was such a joy to work with him and get to know him.

We would occasionally talk about things other than work. It was in those conversations that one day I learned he was dating. He described Sarah and the amazing warmth and love she projects out into the world. He was so excited when he made his proposal plans! It was a joy to talk with him the week after and they wanted me to be there to photograph their wedding. I was ecstatic!

I finally got the chance to meet Sarah and she is absolutely as incredible as Ash described. Sarah is an amazing woman full of love! I knew that this wedding and marriage was going to be something special.

Their wedding day was absolutely perfect! They had an afternoon wedding full of their closest friends and family. The atmosphere was relaxed but excited. They didn't want to see each other prior to the ceremony but still wanted a special moment together. They wanted to have a chance to pray together before the ceremony. We found a perfect corner for them to stand to hold hands without seeing each other.

The ceremony was sweet and intimate. Ash's uncle officiated the ceremony. It gave a personalized touch and such a special meaning to this memorable moment. After the ceremony the afternoon was full of laughter, joy, and fellowship as Ash and Sarah mingled with their guests.

They ended their wedding by having a last dance. This was new to me and I loved it! It was a chance for Ash and Sarah to dance and enjoy an empty and well used reception area. I love this special moment of getting to spend some alone time together after a joyous wedding.

Enjoy some photos from this special afternoon!