Amidst blooming roses and vibrant greenery, the enchanting backyard garden set the stage for a breathtakingly romantic wedding celebration.

Jordan and Kenny's wedding was full of love, warmth, smiles, and laughter. They got married in their hometown church here in OKC, St. Francis of Assisi. We then went to Daffodil Hill in Bethany for a perfect outdoor reception. The warm sun embraced the picturesque garden as laughter and joy filled the air. The outdoor wedding reception had an intimate and familiar atmosphere, reminiscent of a cherished family gathering. Friends and family members mingled effortlessly, their smiles and embraces reflecting the genuine love and connection that defined this special occasion. The bride and groom, surrounded by their loved ones, reveled in the comfort and warmth of the moment, cherishing each interaction and creating lasting memories that would forever be treasured.

Inside the building was a giant and delicious grazing table! The small bites piled high on everyone's plates. Everyone ate and drank until they were filled and ready to dance. The grass dance floor created a casual dance floor that drew everyone to it! The dancing and laughter filled the air.

When it was time for the party to end Jordan and Kenny left to a cloud of lavender. The smell of lavender lingered on and made the venue smell AMAZING! Jordan and Kenny are such an amazing couple and the love they have for each other was felt by everyone at the wedding.

The incredible dream team that made this wedding absolutely perfect!


Video - Callie Grace

Venue - Daffodil Hill

Caterer - Honey Bees Catering and Events

Cakes - Amy Cakes

Florist - Joyous Blooms

Hair/Makeup - Marigold Beauty Co

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