Turning clients into friends is one of the greatest parts of running your own business. 

We met Forrest and Brittany while at an off-road event in Texas back in May. We spent the weekend with them wheeling, camping, and hanging out. We became friends quickly and had a blast!

Cameron and Forrest have a similar pain level for off-road trails and Brittany and I have a similar laid back relaxed attitude. 

We found out they were planning to go to Colorado to get married and Cameron half-jokingly told them we’d take their photos for free if they would pay for our gas to get out there. They said yes! So six weeks after meeting this couple we were loading up to drive 13 hours to camp in Silverton, Colorado. That doesn’t sound like the beginning of a Dateline episode at all! (Cue Keith Morrison voice)

We spent the first few days of the trip off-roading and scouting good spots for photos. After scouting several spots we decided to spend a lot of our time on the Ouray side of the mountains. They had a little one on one time to say their vows at the top of a waterfall in a lush green valley of the San Juans! Truly a magical experience. 

After they said their vows to each other we went around to explore and get some amazing photos! 

At the end of the day we were rushing to get to the top of California pass. It was totally worth it though! It was pure magic on top of that mountain. The sun was barely coming over the summits of neighboring mountains. It created this wonderful glow around everything! 

They had brought up a bottle of champagne to pop and take photos with. Well Forrest still claims he thought he was supposed to spray Brittany. So while I’m taking photos I see Forrest spraying the bottle at Brittany and soaking her in campagne. I mean the photos are incredible and hilarious!

I have so much more to say about the trip but I will save that for another day!



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