What an incredible joyful evening with so much love from everyone in attendance!

What an incredible evening with so much love from everyone in attendance! When I first started talking to Courtney she told me that she initially didn't want a big wedding but her daughters told her she should. Looking back on this magical evening, I can't help but be grateful that they did, as the outpouring of love and support was palpable and heartwarming.

I met her daughters in the elevator up to the hotel room and immediately felt welcomed as a part of this celebration. I arrived in the hotel room to the final moments of Courtney getting ready. The air was filled with excitement and anticipation, and it was evident that Courtney couldn't wait to lay eyes on Frank for their much-anticipated first look.

We made our way downstairs to do the first look and it was the sweetest! Frank's gentle demeanor and the profound affection he held for Courtney shone brilliantly in his eyes as he saw her for the first time that day. It was a moment of sheer magic; as their gazes met, they both seemed to relax, and their faces lit up with an unmistakable glow of love.

The remainder of the evening was a testament to the love and affection that Courtney and Frank share, mirrored in the warm embraces and heartfelt congratulations from their cherished friends and family. It was abundantly clear that this couple is surrounded by an incredible support system, and being present to document their wedding was an absolute honor. It's moments like these that remind us of the profound beauty of love.

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