I think most people when planning their wedding have researched first looks but have you ever heard of a last dance?

I've seen a lot of creative things while photographing weddings but a last dance was a new one for me. Sarah and Ash explained it to me when we did their pre-wedding day consult to create their timeline what a last dance is. It is a dance at the very end of the reception but the twist is no one is in the reception space. The idea is that while all the guests are getting outside for the send off the couple stays behind to have one final dance alone before leaving the wedding. I asked if they wanted me to stay for photos or if they wanted it completely secret and private. They allowed me to stay for just a few photos but asked if I would leave after a minute (or less).

Reasons I love a final dance!

  1. It fills an awkward time! lol I can't tell you how many times the couple will poke their head out while we are getting the guests ready for the send off asking if we are ready yet. This will give the couple a chance to have an intimate moment while we are getting the send off ready.
  2. It is super intimate! When we did this at Ash and Sarah's wedding there was no one in the venue and when I say no one I mean no one, wedding planner, DJ, etc. I stayed for a few moments to grab a few photos but then I headed out as well to get the guests ready for send off. 
  3. The photos are so so sweet! I made sure the get the background of the empty tables with empty plates and cups, half eaten plates of cake, centerpieces moved, and chairs moved around. I loved the idea of the love and joy of this couple in front of the evidence of a wonderful celebration with their family and friends. It paints a beautiful picture of how well loved this couple is that the aftermath of the wedding is the background of their joyous last dance photos. 

This was such a wonderful idea that I will be sure to tell all my couples about when we plan their timeline!

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