I love when clients find ways to do things differently!

Having photographed countless weddings I've seen some really cool and unique things! I love when clients find ways to do things differently, bring in their personalities, and also just do things that make sense! Here are some of my favorite things I've seen!

  1. Answering machine guest book - So this guest book was all audio messages. It was super cool. You would pick up the receiver and leave a message on the phone. The clients then sent back the phone and the tape recorder and they would digitize the messages and send it back to you. How cool to get personalized messages from your friends and family in their voice! I would have loved this at our wedding to hear the voices of my family that is no longer with us.
  2. Sunscreen and bug spray for an outside reception - This one just makes sense! I saw this at a wedding this last spring and it was pure genius! If I were attending an outside wedding I would not think about sunscreen prior to leaving the house. Cameron burns really quick so this would have been used by us if we were guests at this wedding!
  3. Family tree guest book - I am a big fan of ditching the normal guest book in favor of something that will be displayed. This family tree guest book is perfect to hang in your house. I also love the idea behind it that our friends and family are the roots to help our marriage stay healthy.
  4. Last Dance - I did a full blog post about this one because I love it that much! The short version is this is a dance at the end of the evening. Everyone goes outside to get ready for the send off and the couple stays behind to have a final dance in the empty venue. View that blog post here!

What are some unique things you have seen?

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